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June 2008

  1. Internet shopping magic

    30 June 2008

    Do you shop online? I do. Aside from groceries, I probably make 80-90% of my purchases online. It suits me, because I am very big on product research and price comparisons and bargain-hunting, and because I usually find in-person shopping to be terribly inefficient. There are a few things it doesn’t work for — I’m […]

  2. Orthodontic sticker shock

    29 June 2008

    No posts for the last couple of days — instead I’ve been spending a lot of time in orthodontist’s offices with the kids. Up until this year, both girls had dental coverage through their mother’s insurance, but it was an HMO situation and the care was pretty poor. Fortunately, the job that Jak got earlier […]

  3. Score! Lawsuit results in free credit reports

    25 June 2008

    In the 1990s credit reporting company TransUnion thought it had a great way to make more money. By filtering its already enormous database of credit information on U.S. consumers, it could sell highly targeted mailing lists to marketers. Just one little problem, though: the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which allows the use of such data […]

  4. Gas mileage: we’re doing it wrong

    24 June 2008

    Gasoline prices are on the mind of nearly every American right now. Here in Seattle, where gas is currently climbing past the $4.50 mark, we like our hybrid cars. A lot. But Seattle had an environmentally ‘green’ culture long before the recent spike in gas prices, which suggests that a lot of those hybrids are […]

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