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January 2012

  1. The Conflict-Free Family Budget: Our Results

    27 January 2012

    Our new budget system accomplished everything I hoped for, and then some. Still, I’ve been surprised by a thing or two about my own reactions, and even more so by Jak’s. (This is Part Two in a series. See the Introduction and Part One if you missed them.) I fully expected that for at least […]

  2. The Conflict-Free Family Budget: Our Plan

    19 January 2012

    Here’s the complete rundown of the new budget agreement I worked out and proposed to Jak last June. This post is part of a series. See the Introduction if you missed it. First, I started with by calculating our net income from a single day job. (At the time it was me working and Jak […]

  3. The Conflict-Free Family Budget: Introduction

    17 January 2012

    My partner Jak and I have been together for eleven years now. We blended our money fairly early in our relationship — sometime late in the second year. Ever since then we’ve had a single pool, into which all income goes, and from which all outflows are jointly approved. Our financial outlooks and spending priorities […]

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