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February 2012

  1. How I fell out of love with the stock market

    25 February 2012

    For a whole variety of reasons, all of them bad, I didn’t put so much as a dollar into a retirement account until I was 36 years old. When I did start saving, I followed these four standard pieces of personal finance advice: For long-term growth, put most of your money into stocks, balanced by […]

  2. Radio Pocketmint

    20 February 2012

    I am both excited and terrified to report that Tess Vigeland from Marketplace Money will be paying a visit to House Pocketmint tomorrow, to interview the whole family for an upcoming feature. Michaela is even taking the train up from Portland to participate. Producer Devin has asked us to have a noisy activity going on; […]

  3. Unshopping

    18 February 2012

    Here at House Pocketmint we are not just buying fewer things, we are also busy jettisoning much of what we already own. Why not just keep all the stuff we’ve already paid for? Because we’ve finally figured out that there’s an ongoing cost to owning something that goes far beyond the money spent to buy […]

  4. Dueling deadlines: taxes and FAFSA

    13 February 2012

    On January 31, I sat down at my computer with determination. This year, I would not wait until April. This year, I would calculate our taxes early. No 1040EZs here — we have complicated taxes that take hours and hours. Nevertheless, I was resolved to be done before the stroke of February. Are you laughing […]

  5. The Conflict-Free Family Budget: Your Turn

    8 February 2012

    In creating the Conflict-Free Family Budget, I was striving to accomplish two separate but interlinked goals: reduce spending and reduce conflicts. I think these work best in tandem, but that’s not to say that you wouldn’t derive some benefit by implementing just one or the other. I’ll try to tease them apart here for that […]

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