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March 2012

  1. Debt freedom, debt relief

    26 March 2012

    I haven’t talked a lot on Pocketmint about getting out of consumer debt, in part because our own climb out of the credit-card debt pit is now some years in the past, and so less on my mind. Also because I’m not sure I have any ‘how-to’ wisdom that hasn’t been said multiple times by […]

  2. What to do — and not do — with your former mortgage dollars

    21 March 2012

    With the decision to stop paying our mortgage, our immediate expenses dropped by nearly $3000 per month. That saved us over $32k in 2011 alone. So what did we do with all that ‘extra’ money? Well, first of all, about $6000 went to pay additional income tax, now that we no longer qualified for the […]

  3. Check infrequent habits for money leaks

    16 March 2012

    Normally when we think of habits, we imagine something we do frequently — every week, every day, or maybe even multiple times a day. But there are also habits that occur much more rarely — patterns of unquestioning behavior that we engage in only under specific, occasional circumstances. I had a facepalm moment recently when […]

  4. Mortgages: knowing when to walk away

    12 March 2012

    In January 2011 Jak and I made a bold and controversial financial decision that would send our lives down a sharply different path. We decided to default on our mortgages. For background, you should read my earlier post about buying our current house in 2006, around a year before the Seattle housing market peaked and […]

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