small change toward a rich life

April 2012

  1. Converting to Mexico’s cash economy

    21 April 2012

    Pocketmint is documenting a month of personal finance in Mexico. For the backstory, see this post. Where Cash is King At home in Seattle, I almost never use cash. I carry five to ten dollars around in my wallet ‘just in case’ … and it’s the same five or ten dollars for months at a […]

  2. Reader case study: short sales and debt

    9 April 2012

    After I posted What to do — and not do — with your former mortgage dollars, I received a request for advice on a strategic default from a woman I’ll call Tricia. I agreed to give her some (friendly, I-am-not-a-lawyer) suggestions based on my own research, and she gave me permission to share our exchange […]

  3. Redefining success; redesigning our lives

    4 April 2012

    Here in middle-class America, there’s a formula you’re supposed to follow in order to be considered a successful adult. With only minor variations, you’re expected to: get a college degree, find a lucrative career, get married, buy a house, fill it with stuff, and have kids … all while continuing to work at that same […]

  4. Quick, save now! Easy Roth IRA options

    1 April 2012

    If you live in the United States, you have just seventeen more days to do something very important. No, I’m not talking about filing taxes, although you certainly don’t want to forget that. April 17th is also the deadline for maxing out your tax-advantaged retirement contributions for 2011. The government actually gives you three and […]

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