small change toward a rich life

June 2012

  1. Unpackrat

    23 June 2012

    Here’s some of what I’ve been doing since getting back from our various trips: Cleaned out the refrigerator, including the usually-ignored door shelves. Discarded a crazy amount of half-used condiments, some dating all the way back to 2008. Reorganized the freezer and deep freezer. Pulled up the oldest items and forced myself to incorporate them […]

  2. Saving money with Mexican health care

    19 June 2012

    In the pile of mail waiting for us this week was a notice that as of July 1, our monthly health insurance premiums would be increasing by 14%. That’s just the base annual uptick for people with no new claims in the same age bracket. As mostly self-employed people here in the United States, the […]

  3. Home again

    14 June 2012

    … and we’re back. Somewhat the worse for wear after a grueling and problem-filled travel day that lasted twenty-two hours and ended after three o’clock this morning, but not a bit sorry to have gone. I’m responding now to backlogged comments and hope to have a new post written in a couple of days. In […]

  4. Accidental tourists

    1 June 2012

    Our month in Mexico was all the travel we planned for this year. But then we were invited to attend a wedding in Jak’s family. In Texas and … Costa Rica. With round-trip airfare generously paid. Well, gosh. Touring a Costa Rican rainforest has been high on my bucket list for nearly two decades, ever […]

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