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Accidental tourists

Our month in Mexico was all the travel we planned for this year. But then we were invited to attend a wedding in Jak’s family. In Texas and … Costa Rica. With round-trip airfare generously paid.

Well, gosh.

red-eyed tree frogTouring a Costa Rican rainforest has been high on my bucket list for nearly two decades, ever since I researched rainforest flora and fauna for a short story I wrote in the early nineties. I wasn’t expecting to cross it off anytime soon (if ever), but once it fell in our laps, how could we not go?

So we’re dipping into our savings and splurging on an extra few days in the country. Even minus the airfare, it’s still painfully unfrugal … but it’s also exactly the kind of thing that we believe our money should be spent on. More experiences, less stuff!

I don’t expect to have computer or Internet access for most of the trip, so Pocketmint will be on hiatus until our return. More Mexico still to come: medical, transportation, housing, utilities, entertainment. Plus a bit about crime and keeping your money safe in foreign countries — possibly with new San Jose data.

See you in a couple of weeks!

(Photo by parksam.)

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