small change toward a rich life

July 2012

  1. Don’t buy drugs from a drugstore

    31 July 2012

    A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we were resorting to anti-anxiety drugs in an attempt to cure Sammy and reclaim our house from the plastic and pee. I already budget $25 per month against veterinary care for all three pets. Part of that covers their annual checkups and any necessary shots; the rest serves […]

  2. Make Money Online Fast (Not): an ethical dilemma

    25 July 2012

    I don’t usually talk about the money-making aspect of blogging, but I’m going to make an exception, by way of explaining a few changes taking place around here. Late last year I decided that I want two things from Pocketmint. One, I want to help people and make a positive difference in their lives. I’m […]

  3. Urban homestead failure still a frugal success

    20 July 2012

    If, as I do, one reads many books and blogs espousing a culture of frugality and anti-consumerism, one will quickly and repeatedly cross paths with the cousin community of urban homesteaders and do-it-yourselfers. I am seduced by the whole idea of urban homesteading, for reasons of both ethics and aesthetics. But I fear I am […]

  4. Extended warranties: from sucker’s bet to outright scam

    9 July 2012

    In the summer of 2009, our comfy but crappily-constructed Ikea couch was not merely bedraggled beyond belief, but the frame had actually snapped right in two, after just a few years of normal wear. We needed to replace it, and I was tired of churning through shoddy sofas. This time, Jak and I wanted to […]

  5. The Tale of One Bad Cat

    3 July 2012

    This may seem like a post to the wrong blog, at first. I assure you, a personal finance lesson will eventually come out of this. But before we can go there, you must let me introduce you to our (with apologies to Beatrix Potter) One Bad Cat. This is Sammy. We brought him home five […]

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