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August 2012

  1. The choice between values and value

    31 August 2012

    Today’s Pocketmint topic was inspired by Dogs or Dollars, where there’ve been recent conversations about the frequent conflicts between one’s budget and one’s beliefs, especially as relates to food for both humans and pets. These are some of my beliefs: I believe in farms owned and worked by families or co-ops, not owned by corporations […]

  2. Salary negotiation: we’ve been doing it wrong

    27 August 2012

    For as long as I can remember, the standard advice to job applicants has been ‘never be the first one to name a number’ when it comes to negotiating compensation. Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist, says so in no uncertain terms: … when it comes to discussing your potential salary, never give the number […]

  3. Not a Social Media Expert: a confession and cry for help

    21 August 2012

    Two weeks from tomorrow, I’m heading off to Denver for the second annual Financial Blogger Conference, also known as FinCon12. I am dragging with me (from across the country) my best friend Stacy, who has been known to write a personal finance post herself from time to time, when her relentless day job as editor […]

  4. Obama vs. Romney tax calculator cherry-picks data and distorts results

    16 August 2012

    There was not supposed to be a Pocketmint post today. The plan, in fact, was for the next post to be on Monday, and about something altogether different. But I followed a link, and made a discovery, and suddenly it was two in the morning and I had so many pages open in my browser […]

  5. Comparison-shop for cheaper car insurance quotes

    15 August 2012

    At the end of July I got an email reminder from Geico about my next car insurance payment: my six-month premium, due September 1, would be $447. That seemed … wrong. Too high. I went back and checked what I’d paid five months previously: $409 for the six months from March through August. Sure enough, […]

  6. Sidestepping my souvenir angst with one cheap, offbeat idea

    11 August 2012

    What with one thing and another, I’ve spent very little of my life to date traveling outside my home country, which meant that our surprise trip to Costa Rica in June provoked a rare dilemma. I hadn’t expected to get to Costa Rica for years yet, and now — given financial realities and the number […]

  7. Miswanting, and two strategies to counter it

    6 August 2012

    As part of my attempt to downsize our life, I’m culling my collection of clothes and shoes. As I ransack my closet and dresser drawers, I’m struck by the occasional item that was a complete misfire. There aren’t many of them, because I know myself pretty well, but I’ve run across a few things that […]

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