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September 2012

  1. Optimize your car insurance: strategies to protect yourself while saving money

    28 September 2012

    Insurance companies often advise you to purchase auto coverage at “as high a limit as you can afford”. This is singularly unhelpful. For one thing, how do you decide what you can afford? Not to mention that their motivations are suspect. Between the complex choices, the obscure jargon, and the lack of unbiased information, many […]

  2. Car insurance definitions you need to know

    25 September 2012

    Last month, I promised you all an Auto Insurance Primer, in which I would “explain all the different types of coverage, demystify the jargon, separate the necessities from the ripoffs, and suggest strategies for lowering your premiums without taking on undue risk.” That’s a tall order, so I’m going to separate it into two parts. […]

  3. How American culture is causing widespread misery

    19 September 2012

    One of the fun things about reading extensively in different disciplines — psychology, history, sociology, economics — is that I sometimes encounter essentially identical motifs in unrelated sources. For example, I recently ran across a striking quote from President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 “Crisis of Confidence” speech, in which he acknowledged the declining trust in government, […]

  4. The secret to the new iPhone’s popularity

    14 September 2012

    So the iPhone 5 goes on sale in just one week. Here’s an early look at what people think of the improvements over last year’s 4S model: This cracked me the hell up. You’ve probably heard of ‘planned obsolescence’, where products are deliberately designed with a limited lifespan. There’s a bit of that with the […]

  5. FinCon12: a little too much of a good thing

    10 September 2012

    This will be just a mini-con report rather than a full-fledged article, because I am trying to catch up on both a) sleep and b) a to-do list of daunting length. I’m really glad that I went to FinCon, and I’m just as glad to be home again. I consider myself an introvert — not […]

  6. Obamacare and affordable health insurance

    4 September 2012

    A couple of months ago, I bemoaned the 14% year-over-year increase in our individual health insurance premiums and expressed my fear for 2015, when both Jak and I will have moved into higher age brackets. I calculated that at the current rate of increase, our premiums would double in just four years. Since the cost […]

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