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  1. I moved to Mexico: AMA

    15 January 2014

    (Reposted for convenience from my personal site.) (For those unfamiliar: ‘AMA’ is an acronym from Reddit that stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’.) We’ve been living in Mexico for a few months now. At first I was too busy adjusting to talk about it, but now that I have the time to write something, I find […]

  2. Saving money with Mexican health care

    19 June 2012

    In the pile of mail waiting for us this week was a notice that as of July 1, our monthly health insurance premiums would be increasing by 14%. That’s just the base annual uptick for people with no new claims in the same age bracket. As mostly self-employed people here in the United States, the […]

  3. The cost of food in Mexico: cheap

    31 May 2012

    Having looked at the groceries that are more expensive and about the same, we now come to the exciting part: what are the Mexico food bargains? Cheap The fact that fruits and vegetables are both plentiful and cheap in Mexico was not unexpected; in fact, it was one of the criteria I had in mind […]

  4. The cost of food in Mexico: comparable

    28 May 2012

    Last post, I covered a few imported things that were so frighteningly expensive in Mexico that we will just have to do without. For a majority of items, however, prices are comparable to those in the States. This means that groceries are not going to be our primary source of savings — not given that […]

  5. The cost of food in Mexico: crazy

    26 May 2012

    We’re hoping to reduce our expenses by moving to Mexico, but that doesn’t mean everything is cheaper there — not by a long shot. As a general rule, locally-produced items, including food, are cheaper than or at least similar to U.S. prices. Imports, on the other hand, are expensive … sometimes jaw-droppingly so. This article […]

  6. Buying groceries, Mexico style

    20 May 2012

    Pocketmint is documenting a month of personal finance in Mexico. For the backstory, see this post. Now that I’ve described my usual grocery strategies, here’s how they apply to Mexican shopping: Price tracking: extremely useful in a between-store sense, much less so in an over-time sense, because … Weekly sale ads: don’t exist. There are […]

  7. Converting to Mexico’s cash economy

    21 April 2012

    Pocketmint is documenting a month of personal finance in Mexico. For the backstory, see this post. Where Cash is King At home in Seattle, I almost never use cash. I carry five to ten dollars around in my wallet ‘just in case’ … and it’s the same five or ten dollars for months at a […]

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