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  1. Quick, save now! Easy Roth IRA options

    1 April 2012

    If you live in the United States, you have just seventeen more days to do something very important. No, I’m not talking about filing taxes, although you certainly don’t want to forget that. April 17th is also the deadline for maxing out your tax-advantaged retirement contributions for 2011. The government actually gives you three and […]

  2. Dueling deadlines: taxes and FAFSA

    13 February 2012

    On January 31, I sat down at my computer with determination. This year, I would not wait until April. This year, I would calculate our taxes early. No 1040EZs here — we have complicated taxes that take hours and hours. Nevertheless, I was resolved to be done before the stroke of February. Are you laughing […]

  3. Working for a financial company during a financial crisis (… or not)

    27 October 2008

    The post you’re about to read first appeared here on October 27th, for less than 24 hours. On the morning of October 28th, while en route to work after a doctor’s appointment, I received a call from the Human Resources director of the company that had employed me for nearly three years. He asked if […]

  4. How to get a fee-free IRA at ShareBuilder

    3 July 2008

    Jak and I have four IRA accounts at ShareBuilder — one Roth and one rollover for each of us. When we opened them in 2007, all ShareBuilder accounts were free to employees, so it was a no-brainer. Each employee got as many Advantage accounts as we wanted, which included up to 20 automatic investments per […]

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