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  1. Gasoline spending: the problem

    21 December 2012

    This is the first of two posts about how I adapted our budget system to control our gasoline expenses. When I set up our budget in July 2011, Jak and I both had contract jobs. That meant two things with regard to transportation: a long commute several days per week, and free transit passes. Mostly, […]

  2. Optimize your car insurance: strategies to protect yourself while saving money

    28 September 2012

    Insurance companies often advise you to purchase auto coverage at “as high a limit as you can afford”. This is singularly unhelpful. For one thing, how do you decide what you can afford? Not to mention that their motivations are suspect. Between the complex choices, the obscure jargon, and the lack of unbiased information, many […]

  3. Reader case study: short sales and debt

    9 April 2012

    After I posted What to do — and not do — with your former mortgage dollars, I received a request for advice on a strategic default from a woman I’ll call Tricia. I agreed to give her some (friendly, I-am-not-a-lawyer) suggestions based on my own research, and she gave me permission to share our exchange […]

  4. Spending money to save money

    5 November 2009

    We’ve done a pretty good job of cutting back on unnecessary expenses during this period of reduced income. ‘Magazine subscriptions’ seems like an obvious category to eliminate, right? Yet I kept mine. Here’s why: they save me way more money than they cost. Consumer Reports My first-ever magazine subscription, when I was 19 years old, […]

  5. Credit cards (part three): use ’em … and lose ’em anyway

    7 August 2009

    It was a brief segment on NPR’s Marketplace last month that alerted me to the newest scary thing about credit cards: banks have begun to curtail or withdraw credit based on where you shop and what you buy. Here’s one example: consumer Kevin Johnson had his credit line slashed by two-thirds despite a stellar credit […]

  6. Avoid the high cost of premium gas

    2 July 2008

    A friend of mine has begun posting photos of gas pump digital displays after each fillup, which costs her an astonishing $70-$80 now. I noticed that she’s been consistently buying the middle grade of unleaded gasoline, labeled ‘Plus’ at the Chevrons she frequents. As someone who invariably buys the cheapest gas possible, I started wondering […]

  7. Gas mileage: we’re doing it wrong

    24 June 2008

    Gasoline prices are on the mind of nearly every American right now. Here in Seattle, where gas is currently climbing past the $4.50 mark, we like our hybrid cars. A lot. But Seattle had an environmentally ‘green’ culture long before the recent spike in gas prices, which suggests that a lot of those hybrids are […]

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