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  1. Setting up the Great Cash Experiment

    18 October 2012

    Having been convinced by numerous psychological studies that credit cards are causing us to spend more, on October first Jak and I began our Great Cash Experiment, in which we try to replace plastic forms of payment with cash — as much as is feasible, here in twenty-first century America. As you might expect, there […]

  2. The credit card rewards system is gaming you

    8 October 2012

    Warnings against credit cards, while common, are almost always of the ‘don’t carry a balance’ variety. Over and over, we are told that as long as we pay off your balance each month and avoid fees and interest charges, we’ll come out ahead. I’ve noticed that bloggers in particular love to trumpet the advantages of […]

  3. Make Money Online Fast (Not): an ethical dilemma

    25 July 2012

    I don’t usually talk about the money-making aspect of blogging, but I’m going to make an exception, by way of explaining a few changes taking place around here. Late last year I decided that I want two things from Pocketmint. One, I want to help people and make a positive difference in their lives. I’m […]

  4. Debt freedom, debt relief

    26 March 2012

    I haven’t talked a lot on Pocketmint about getting out of consumer debt, in part because our own climb out of the credit-card debt pit is now some years in the past, and so less on my mind. Also because I’m not sure I have any ‘how-to’ wisdom that hasn’t been said multiple times by […]

  5. Credit cards (part three): use ’em … and lose ’em anyway

    7 August 2009

    It was a brief segment on NPR’s Marketplace last month that alerted me to the newest scary thing about credit cards: banks have begun to curtail or withdraw credit based on where you shop and what you buy. Here’s one example: consumer Kevin Johnson had his credit line slashed by two-thirds despite a stellar credit […]

  6. Credit cards (part two): use ’em or lose ’em

    17 July 2009

    As I mentioned in part one, for the last two years Jak and I have been using a single credit-card account, a Costco Amex card with cash-back rewards, for all our credit-card needs. (When a merchant doesn’t take American Express, we use the debit MasterCard for our joint checking account.) This makes record-keeping easy. At […]

  7. Credit cards (part one): the game is changing

    12 July 2009

    I’ve just about had it with credit cards. Like most people of my generation, I got my first card in college. Then, and for the next twenty years, getting credit was deceptively easy. I used it in all the typical foolish ways: to pay bills during periods of unemployment, to finance an unsustainable small business, […]

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