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  1. Credit cards (part two): use ’em or lose ’em

    17 July 2009

    As I mentioned in part one, for the last two years Jak and I have been using a single credit-card account, a Costco Amex card with cash-back rewards, for all our credit-card needs. (When a merchant doesn’t take American Express, we use the debit MasterCard for our joint checking account.) This makes record-keeping easy. At […]

  2. Score! Lawsuit results in free credit reports

    25 June 2008

    In the 1990s credit reporting company TransUnion thought it had a great way to make more money. By filtering its already enormous database of credit information on U.S. consumers, it could sell highly targeted mailing lists to marketers. Just one little problem, though: the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which allows the use of such data […]

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