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  1. Now Read This — what you really want, house happiness, and the fiscal cliff

    30 November 2012

    Erica Strauss on getting what you really want Remember ‘miswanting’? Erica at Northwest Edible Life offers a another way to rethink your tangible purchases with Occupy Your Brain (Why You Don’t Really Want What You Want). She lays out a nice little chart to help you dig down past the initial desire-reflex and examine the […]

  2. Obama vs. Romney tax calculator cherry-picks data and distorts results

    16 August 2012

    There was not supposed to be a Pocketmint post today. The plan, in fact, was for the next post to be on Monday, and about something altogether different. But I followed a link, and made a discovery, and suddenly it was two in the morning and I had so many pages open in my browser […]

  3. If I were the President … if I were Queen for a day …

    12 August 2008

    Do you ever get frustrated by the way Congress and the President spend your tax dollars? Do you ever read about tax legislation in the news and think, “Geez, even I could do better”? National Public Radio’s Marketplace has developed an online game that will let you do exactly that. In Budget Hero, you start […]

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