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  1. The secret to the new iPhone’s popularity

    14 September 2012

    So the iPhone 5 goes on sale in just one week. Here’s an early look at what people think of the improvements over last year’s 4S model: This cracked me the hell up. You’ve probably heard of ‘planned obsolescence’, where products are deliberately designed with a limited lifespan. There’s a bit of that with the […]

  2. Text message insanity, part two

    31 July 2008

    In part one, I discussed the rampant texting habits of teenagers today and the rapidly rising cost of same. The deceptive part of the text messaging phenomenon is that the cost is discussed in terms of a nickel here, a dime there, which makes it seem trivial. It’s not. Wireless providers are collecting forty cents […]

  3. Text message insanity, part one

    18 July 2008

    If you have a teen in your house, you’re likely already aware of what I’m about to tell you: this texting thing is way out of control. We have a fifteen-year-old. Nearly every conversation Jak and I have with her involves a variation of the phrase, “Michaela, put your phone away and listen to me.” […]

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