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  1. Salary negotiation: we’ve been doing it wrong

    27 August 2012

    For as long as I can remember, the standard advice to job applicants has been ‘never be the first one to name a number’ when it comes to negotiating compensation. Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist, says so in no uncertain terms: … when it comes to discussing your potential salary, never give the number […]

  2. Check infrequent habits for money leaks

    16 March 2012

    Normally when we think of habits, we imagine something we do frequently — every week, every day, or maybe even multiple times a day. But there are also habits that occur much more rarely — patterns of unquestioning behavior that we engage in only under specific, occasional circumstances. I had a facepalm moment recently when […]

  3. How to get a fee-free IRA at ShareBuilder

    3 July 2008

    Jak and I have four IRA accounts at ShareBuilder — one Roth and one rollover for each of us. When we opened them in 2007, all ShareBuilder accounts were free to employees, so it was a no-brainer. Each employee got as many Advantage accounts as we wanted, which included up to 20 automatic investments per […]

  4. Internet shopping magic

    30 June 2008

    Do you shop online? I do. Aside from groceries, I probably make 80-90% of my purchases online. It suits me, because I am very big on product research and price comparisons and bargain-hunting, and because I usually find in-person shopping to be terribly inefficient. There are a few things it doesn’t work for — I’m […]

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