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  1. Make Money Online Fast (Not): an ethical dilemma

    25 July 2012

    I don’t usually talk about the money-making aspect of blogging, but I’m going to make an exception, by way of explaining a few changes taking place around here. Late last year I decided that I want two things from Pocketmint. One, I want to help people and make a positive difference in their lives. I’m […]

  2. Redefining success; redesigning our lives

    4 April 2012

    Here in middle-class America, there’s a formula you’re supposed to follow in order to be considered a successful adult. With only minor variations, you’re expected to: get a college degree, find a lucrative career, get married, buy a house, fill it with stuff, and have kids … all while continuing to work at that same […]

  3. Quick and easy estimated income tax for freelancers

    7 June 2009

    Next Monday, June 15, is the deadline for filing second quarter estimated taxes with the IRS. If you are self-employed and so do not have taxes withheld from a paycheck, you need to discover if the IRS expects you to pay tax in quarterly installments. I confess that I’ve never paid estimated tax before. In […]

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