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  1. Now Read This — what you really want, house happiness, and the fiscal cliff

    30 November 2012

    Erica Strauss on getting what you really want Remember ‘miswanting’? Erica at Northwest Edible Life offers a another way to rethink your tangible purchases with Occupy Your Brain (Why You Don’t Really Want What You Want). She lays out a nice little chart to help you dig down past the initial desire-reflex and examine the […]

  2. Obama vs. Romney tax calculator cherry-picks data and distorts results

    16 August 2012

    There was not supposed to be a Pocketmint post today. The plan, in fact, was for the next post to be on Monday, and about something altogether different. But I followed a link, and made a discovery, and suddenly it was two in the morning and I had so many pages open in my browser […]

  3. Reader case study: short sales and debt

    9 April 2012

    After I posted What to do — and not do — with your former mortgage dollars, I received a request for advice on a strategic default from a woman I’ll call Tricia. I agreed to give her some (friendly, I-am-not-a-lawyer) suggestions based on my own research, and she gave me permission to share our exchange […]

  4. Check infrequent habits for money leaks

    16 March 2012

    Normally when we think of habits, we imagine something we do frequently — every week, every day, or maybe even multiple times a day. But there are also habits that occur much more rarely — patterns of unquestioning behavior that we engage in only under specific, occasional circumstances. I had a facepalm moment recently when […]

  5. Dueling deadlines: taxes and FAFSA

    13 February 2012

    On January 31, I sat down at my computer with determination. This year, I would not wait until April. This year, I would calculate our taxes early. No 1040EZs here — we have complicated taxes that take hours and hours. Nevertheless, I was resolved to be done before the stroke of February. Are you laughing […]

  6. Quick and easy estimated income tax for freelancers

    7 June 2009

    Next Monday, June 15, is the deadline for filing second quarter estimated taxes with the IRS. If you are self-employed and so do not have taxes withheld from a paycheck, you need to discover if the IRS expects you to pay tax in quarterly installments. I confess that I’ve never paid estimated tax before. In […]

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