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  1. Sidestepping my souvenir angst with one cheap, offbeat idea

    11 August 2012

    What with one thing and another, I’ve spent very little of my life to date traveling outside my home country, which meant that our surprise trip to Costa Rica in June provoked a rare dilemma. I hadn’t expected to get to Costa Rica for years yet, and now — given financial realities and the number […]

  2. Accidental tourists

    1 June 2012

    Our month in Mexico was all the travel we planned for this year. But then we were invited to attend a wedding in Jak’s family. In Texas and … Costa Rica. With round-trip airfare generously paid. Well, gosh. Touring a Costa Rican rainforest has been high on my bucket list for nearly two decades, ever […]

  3. Travel ‘protection’: a predatory scam

    3 July 2009

    Considering travel insurance? Make certain that you get terms in writing before you pay — terms that prominently include the word ‘refund’. That’s the takeaway message from the latest ‘Haggler’ column in the New York Times, where journalist David Segal goes to bat on behalf of beleaguered consumers. I was particularly appalled by the story […]

  4. Keeping up with airline fees

    27 August 2008

    One of my research projects-in-progress for Pocketmint has been a comprehensive chart of airline bag fees. Since I can’t keep straight who charges what for which item of luggage, I figured other people must be having the same problem. Turns out someone else saved me the trouble! Travel search engine Kayak (of which I am […]

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